Vilamoura Week 1

Posted on November 1, 2021

The Breen Team made their way to Portugal this week to kick off their tour in the sun.

On Thursday, KBS Major Player jumped to 6th in the 4* 1.40 and Lady Star van Doperheide finished 10th in the 4* 1.50 with Shane. Georgia had a busy day, with the young horses jumping brilliantly in the 1* 1.20. Her own Donavaya slotted into 5th with Keyton hot on her heels to claim 6th place. Jack had a successful day with both BBS McGregor and Cuick Star Kervec posting clear rounds in the 4* 1.40 whilst 6-year-old Koh-I-Noor won the 1* 1.20.

Friday saw more results. Shane schooled Lady Star around the 4* 1.35 to take 9th whilst Gait L took on the the 4* 1.50 to come 11th. Georgia piloted Haya around the 4* 1.40 for an 8th place whilst Cuick Star Kervec made his 1.50 Ranking Class debut with Jack for a stunning round.

Saturday was a quieter day, but nonetheless, Shane and KBS Major Player took 11th in the 4* 1.50 whilst Jack and Koh-I-Noor finished 8th in the 1* 1.20. The highlight on Sunday was Gait L finishing on the podium in third place in the 4* 1.40 jump-off class – what a horse!

Thanks to our whole team for a great week – fingers crossed for the rest of this tour!