Sponsorship & Investment


We are very grateful to our owners & sponsors who are an integral
part of our team and provide
us with invaluable support.








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Without owners it would be almost impossible to run a team of horses able to compete at the highest level, and the pressure to sell horses just as they reach their maximum potentional would be irresitable.  


We value our owners greatly and are always open to different types of ownership, either wholly owned horses, part-owned horses or those owned as part of a syndicate. Ownership offers the opportunity to become part of a glamorous and exciting sport which takes place all year round and all over the globe, and to become part of Ireland's very realistic medal hopes for the World Games in Caen 2014 and the Olympics in Rio 2014.


Ownership can also be approached at different levels: either investing in a younger horse near the beginning of its career, which offers the opportunity to be part of the horse's career progression amd the possibility of realising a good return on the initial investment when the horse is sold; or investing in a horse with an established international career, which may require a greater initial investment, but offers both the opportunity to be part of the glamour of the international show jumping scene and to receive a quicker return on the initial investment. We are regularly involved in the sales of horses of well in excess of £1 million and frequently sell horses in excess of £100,000.


Horse Sport Ireland have put together an excellent initiative "Jump to the Top" to encourage and maintain ownership of top Irish Horses to provide strong teams for the Olympics in Rio 2016 and beyond.




We are always very happy to work with sponsors to endorse products that we really believe in. In return for this help we are able to provide a very high level of exposure and endorsment for the sponsor's products.  With Shane competing at the highest level in the UK and abroad, and other members of the team competing both nationally and internationally we can ensure that our supporters receive the maximum exposure for their products.



Red Mills Feeds

Website | www.redmills.ie/ie/

Connolly's RED MILLS provide scientifically advanced nutrition for a wide range of horses competing in a variety of disciplines. Established in 1908, Connolly's RED MILLS is a family owned, Irish company that has been producing feed for high performance animals for over 100 years. The equine feed formulations use only the finest of fresh, natural ingredients to support health, digestion, well-being and performance.  Developed with the latest nutritional research, products are manufactured with some of the most technologically advanced processes in the world.  With expert nutritionists on hand for guidance and advice you can be confident you are feeding a fully balanced, perfectly tailored diet that fulfils all your horse's dietary needs.




Foran Equine Products

Website | www.foranequine.co.uk/

We are thrilled to be supported by Foran Equine a market leader in horse supplements.

Foran's products are developed by vets, chemists, equine nutritionists and horsemen to provide the best possible quality supplements to support the complex needs of the top competition horse across the disciplines.

The range boasts over 60 products which are available in over 40 countries. All the products are tested to ensure that they do not contain any substance that is prohobited under FEI rules.

Foran are also able to provide tecnical support from qualified equine nutrionists giving us the confidence that our equine athletes are receiving everything they need to optimise performance wherever they are in the world.





Bruno del Grange

Website | www.selledelgrange.com

Bruno was a Grand Prix rider himself and therefore understands the requirements of both horse and rider at all levels of the sport. His attention to detail and his knowledge of horse’s anatomy ensure that both the horses and Shane enjoy the maximum comfort and freedom of movement when jumping.




Kentucky Boots

Website | www.kentucky-horseshop.com

Show jumping is a demanding sport and the horses need boots which protect their tendons and ligaments but do not affect their ability to bend and flex their joints. The Kentucky range of boots use the latest D30 shock absorption technology to provide the horses with outstanding protection, whilst allowing the horses' joints maximum flexibility. They also employ aero technology to keep the legs as cool as possible while they are performing.





Website | www.horseware.com

Horseware was founded in 1985 in Dundalk, Ireland, by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. After months of research and hand stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern rug design. Today, Horseware is a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders and continues to make the most innovative products on the market. Their Rambo turnouts are still manufactured in Dundalk, and Horseware products can be found in barns and on riders around the world.




Fabbri Boots

Website | http://stivalifabbri.it/

Shane is very pleased to be supported by Fabbri boots, who have been hand-making extremely elegant leather boots since 1924. These boots are made from hides tanned especially for Fabbri and one of the great characteristics of these boots is that they fit perfectly from the the moment they arrive.





Horse Pilot

Website | https://www.horsepilot.com/en/

Horse Pilot was started in 2010 by three friends with a passion for equestrian sport and a desire to bring technical sportswear to equestrian sport. Having risen to this challenge Aurelian, Guillaume, and Simon concentrated their business on the best clothes to support the daily requirements of riders.





Website | www.flex-on.fr/en

Flex-on make innovative custom made stirrups for everyone.  The stirrups feature a unique shock-absorbing design and the sole-plate of the stirrup is designed to help optimise the stability of the rider's leg. The stirrups can be customised to your chosen colour, with choices for the angle of the sole-plate and the opportunity to have your nation's flag at the top of the stirrup.