Global Champions Tour - Monaco

July 16, 00:00





Shane took Ipswich van de Wolfsakker and CFS Vendi Cruz to the Global Champions Tour in Monaco. This is the most amazing venue for a show - beside the Formula One Grand Prix pits in Monaco.

The jumping started on Thursday with CFS Vendi Cruz in the 1.45 speed, and then Ipswich jumped the 1.50 first round of the Teams to finish 10th.

On Friday only CFS Vendi Cruz jumped in the 1.45/1.50 speed.

On Saturday Ipwich jumped clear and finished 13th in the second round of the teams and qualified for the Grand Prix.  In the Grand Prix Ipswich jumped the most lovely clear round, and then was last to go in the jump-off.  Second last to go Alberto Zorzi jumped a fabulous clear round, but he did take a tiny pull before the last. Ipswich and Shane were last to go, a tiny bit behind Alberto all the way, but Shane saw his stride to the last from miles away and Ipswich answered perfectly to win!  What an absolutley thrilling evening.