CSIO5* Aachen

July 25, 19:36





With top class show jumping, eventing and dressage all taking place in the same week Aachen is probably the biggest show in the world.


The show got off to an excellent start on Wednesday when Confident of Victory was 3rd in the Turkish Airlines Prize of Europe, and Calido Boy jumped really well in the Prize of Stadte Region Aachen.


On Thursday Golden Hawk acquitted himself well in his Nation's Cup debut and Calido Boy jumped well in the STAWAG Prize.  On Friday Ominerale Courcelle started the day with 12th place in the Net Aachen Speed & Handiness Prize and Shane and Tomas Eriksson were 3rd in the Ride & Drive.


On Saturday Ominerale Courcelle was 3rd in the Prize of Sparkasse, which is Aachen's Speed Derby, and Calido Boy was 4th in the Accumulator - the RWE Prize. Calido Boy finished the show in excellent style on Sunday morning winning the SAP Prize and Confident of Victory jumped very well in the Grand Prix.